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Service and Assistance Dog Equipment for both first time handlers or a seasoned trainer. If you are searching for a unique or special purposed piece of equipment, we are here to help. We use only the very best quality materials and are proud to say, most of our items are hand crafted here in the U.S.A.


Dog Bone Cape

Capes and Vests

We have designed a large assortment of capes and vests to suit many different needs in the working and pet dog world. There is a color and style for almost every dog.

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SD Leash

Web Leash Designs

Nylon Webbing is extremely durable and tough. It is more versatile and a much more affordable than leather. We have designed many unique leashes for specialized uses.

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Shoulder Sling Stick

Hands Free option

Hands Free Leash Options will help you exercise with your dog while leaving your hands free to do whatever.

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Ear Covers Framed

Grooming Covers

Control fly away hair and protect ears and tails from picking up hair clippings. Easy to use and a great time saver.

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Door Pull and Sleeve

Special Equipment

Sometimes the right piece of equipment can literally open doors to people with limitations. Check out my growing equipment page to see if the piece you have been looking for is there.

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Working Dogs Include:

Autism Dogs | Guide Dogs | Hearing Dogs | Medical Assistance Dogs | Mobility Dogs | PTSD Dogs | Search & Rescue Dogs | Seizure Alert Dogs | Special Skills Dogs | Therapy Dogs | Law Enforcement Companion Dogs | Social Support Dogs

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