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Handle Sleeve is a simple way to convert and adapt most lever action door handles with a pull strap for your dog to open and close doors.  If you venture away from home, this unit adapts easily and quickly to most lever handles no matter where you end up.



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The Handle Sleeve is a K-9 Solutions original concept. To be able to convert most lever action door handles to receive a pull strap for a dog to help open and close doors.

-this sleeve easily slides on to most commercially made lever action door handles
-secure it to the base of the handle with the supplied double sided Velcro.
-a  D-ring is built into the sleeve to make it easy to attach your favorite favorite pull strap
-no need for additional handle modifications. No drilling, tying, taping, or tools are needed.
-release the Velcro base strap, slide off the sleeve, and you are ready to travel
-Check out the How to video below

A very simple and handy system to use. It travels easily and fits on most lever type handles.

If you have a door pull that works well with your dog and have difficulty attaching it to the sleeve, try using a carabiner clip.

Try our Door Pulls with D-ring or spring snap or add a carabiner to complete your system.


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