Multi Dog Couplers make it easy to couple two or more dogs together by eliminating the need for multiple leashes.

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The Single Couplers allow you too connect the lead to each dog before coupling them together with your leash snap. I like to put the leads on a few minuets before I take them for a walk then I have a short strap to grab on each dog to attach to me leash (I walk three dogs on one leash). Each Single is 14″ Long.

Single couplers can also be used as leash extenders.

The Adjustable Single (adjust from 14′ to 20″) work well in cases were the dogs are different sizes.

The Double Coupler is two 14″ leads with a D-ring in the center for easy hook up to your leash.

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Adjustable Coupler–6.00, Double Coupler— 7.00, Single Coupler–5.00


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