Social Support Leash


A 30″ leash rides piggy back on the main leash,  separate the Velcro tabs to get two leashes.

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This leash looks and acts like any other 5′ leash until you release the second 30” leash from its Velcro storage.

Now it is possible for the dog to have two drivers.

The five foot leash can be help by the primary person (the person that is responsible for the dogs safety) and the shorter 30″

leash can be used by an additional person (that may not be the primary person of responsibility) .

A leash that serves a particular need. Many different uses can be found for this unique leash.

It is a great training leash for children, dogs in training, or special needs people.

-¾ inch nylon webbing, snap clip, and two handles

-this leash currently only comes in black


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